Wednesday, July 09, 2008


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Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says members of Congress have voiced support for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran.

"I hear members of Congress saying 'if we could only nuke them'," said the congressman Thursday.

"If we do (attack) it is going to be a disaster," he told the Alex Jones Show.

The 72-year-old veteran politician added that the atmosphere in Congress indicates that a military strike on Iran has already been condoned.

"It is still totally bewildering to me when I see men and women in the Congress that I know and like doing this just to get along. Most of them will say, 'I agree with you on all you say but the Iranians are bad people and they might attack us some day," Paul said.

Referring to House Congressional Resolution 362 that he calls the 'Virtual Iran War Resolution', Paul explained the president plans to impose 'an absolute blockade of the entire country of Iran, and punish any country or any business group around the world if they trade with Iran'.

Despite the recent UN nuclear watchdog report conceding that there is no link between the use of nuclear material and the 'alleged studies' of weaponization in Iran's nuclear facilities, Washington accuses Tehran of pursuing a military nuclear program.


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thinking dove said...

The Iranians are working towards nuclear weapons. Can you blame them?

It is a defensive move. and a wise one at that.

Notice that the only two nations that stand up to U.S. Imperialism are North Korea, and Pakistan. What do they have in common?
They have nukes.

Nuclear Proliferation will restore justice and peace to our world. It will make our nation stop bullying the world. We should support Nuclear Proliferation!

Nuclear weapons make war obsolete because they make victory impossible. It was mutually assured destruction that kept the peace between the Soviet Union and the United States. The peace lasted for decades.

It is bigotry to think that a hereditary Islamic theocracy couldn’t grasp the concept of mutually assured destruction. When both parties have nuclear weapons it is suicide to attack. Governments want to stay in power,, they don’t want to be incinerated.
What government would ever order a suicide attack?

The United States needs to step aside and allow the natural spread of nuclear technology. Technology throughout history has always spread. Gunpowder started in China, which was the most powerful, most advanced, and wealthiest nation on earth at the time. Now,, everyone has gunpowder. The most isolated illiterate tribesman carrys an automatic rifle when they go to war.

In the future, every Mullah, Generalismo, and War Lord will have access to nuclear weapons. All of them will be able to unleash an atomic fireball, but all of them will know that the same thing will come back at them. As rational beings that will realize this is unthinkable.

Once everyone who wants an atomic bomb has one,, Peace will prevail!

Support Iran’s nuclear program. Support Nuclear Proliferation. Help bring forth the new age of Atomic Peace